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Cardiac Rehab

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Cardiac Rehab and Wellness


The Cardiac Rehab Program at Wadley Regional Medical Center helps to rebuild your life, both physically and emotionally. It may seem like a lot of time and effort, but as you get stronger and learn how to manage your condition, you’ll return to a normal routine and enjoy a better quality of life.

Who qualifies?
• Stable Angina
• Heart Attack (within 1 year)
• Coronary (Heart) Artery Bypass
• Heart valve repair or replacement
• Angioplasty (PTCA)
• Coronary (Heart) Stents
• Heart or Lung Transplant

Benefits of Cardiac Rehab

• Improves quality of life
• Helps reduce stress, fear and anxiety
• Lowers blood pressure
• Improves cholesterol
• Helps with weight loss
• Decreases risk of recurrence of heart problems
• Reduces mortality
• Increased muscle tone and strength
• Improves psychosocial well-beingHow long is the program?



Cardiac Rehab Phase I - Education regarding the disease and recovery.  Started in the hospital.



Cardiac Rehab Phase II
Recovering from a heart attack or other heart related episodes can make you feel anxious, tired and depressed and the last thing you are interested in is walking on a treadmill. But exercising under the watchful eyes of an experienced healthcare team can help you feel healthier and happier than before.

Cardiac Rehabilitation (Cardiac Rehab) Phase II is a medically supervised program designed to help heart patients recover quickly and improve overall physical and mental functioning. The goal is to reduce the risk of another cardiac (heart) event or to keep an already present heart condition from getting worse. This comprehensive outpatient program will also help you understand your condition and how to manage it.  Cardiac Rehab offers progressive exercise, education and counseling under the direct supervision of specially trained registered nurses. Each participant has an individualized exercise program tailored to your needs and abilities. The program is staffed by registered nurses who address risk factors, lifestyle modifications, and exercise guidelines. During  the program, there may be consultations from the pharmacy, nutritional services and or a wound care specialist. You will wear a heart monitor each session and your blood pressure will be checked before, during and after the workout session

Cardiac Rehab Phase II is a 12-week program of thirty-six sessions. The sessions are every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and last one hour. You will be able to choose the time that best fits your schedule and we will work with you to accommodate doctor appointments or out of town trips.

How to get started?
Cardiac Rehab is generally started soon after hospital discharge, but may be started up to one year after a cardiac (heart) event. Your primary care physician, cardiologist or surgeon can refer you to the program by simply writing a prescription.
Fee: Is a covered benefit of Medicare - B and most insurances



Cardiac Rehab Phase III
Wadley also offers a Cardiac Rehab Phase III program. This is a non-monitored exercise program for heart patients. You can exercise in a safe and welcoming environment with the presence of two registered nurses. Blood pressure and pulse is monitored throughout your workout.

Participation Criteria:
• History of Coronary Artery Disease
• Bypass Surgery
• Balloon Angioplasty
• Heart Stents
• Heart Attack
• Angina
• Valve Replacement
• Pacemaker/Defibrillator
• Two or more risk factors for heart disease such as diabetes, overweight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoker.

Fee: Call for fees.




Exercise Days:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday at specified times.

Insurance:  Phase III typically not covered by insurance.
A prescription is needed from your physician and the staff can assist in obtaining one from your physician.
Contact Information
Cindy Biggar, Director
(903) 798-7373 or (903) 798-7298